Realtors, Learn the Top Secret Strategies to Get New Home Builder Referrals!

If you are a Real Estate Agent who wants to become an expert at selling builder
and position yourself for future builder referrals, then this Mastermind Program is designed for you.

Next Mastermind scheduled January 2020

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Discover New Home Builder Insider Secrets

This 5-Week Mastermind Program answers the question: "What do top producing agents do to sell builder homes and get referrals?"

If you are a Real Estate Agent who wants to become an expert at selling builder
homes and position yourself for future builder referrals, then this Mastermind Program is designed for you. Uncover the secrets and myths about new home buying, so you can:

  • Walk away with a strong understanding of the overall process
  • Increase your leverage at the negotiating table
  • Improve your marketability to help you land builder referrals

All of which will only help to increase your confidence and make you more money!

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Here's How it Works...

New Home Builder Insider Secrets is an exclusive 5-week VIP INSIDER program starting Thursday, August 8th at 10am CST. It is built specifically for real estate agents who want to create a niche selling builder homes, and create a new builder referral network.

Whether your are just starting out as a Realtor or have years of experience under your belt, if you want to learn industry secrets to make new home sales a profitable niche for you,

I invite you to JOIN me...

Group Coaching Video Calls

Once a week, join fellow mastermind members on live ZOOM to discuss pre-defined list of topics that will give you the inside track to start selling builder homes and position yourself for future builder referrals.

Can't join live? All five weekly calls will be recorded and archived for 90 days.

​Exclusive Interviews with Industry Experts.

You'll be granted access to our exclusive pre-recorded interviews by leading industry experts. From the Corporate office to the Field office, you’ll hear it straight from these insiders. 

This series includes interviews with a VP of Sales & Marketing at one of the nation’s largest home builders, a nationally recognized award winning on-site sales representative, and much more.

Access to Private Facebook Page

You will receive access to a Private Group Facebook page. Here is where you can check in, post questions, give and get support from fellow Realtors and from Nasyim Segal.

You'll continue to have access to this community after your program ends.

Workbook Full of Additional Tips

You’ll receive a PDF workbook that will not only be your weekly guide to support your learning, but also includes field work to give you real-life hands-on experience. 

You will finish this program with relevant experience to take you to the next level of becoming a New Home expert!

Top 5 Reasons to Sell New Homes as an Agent

1. Earn 30% More Revenue: Yes that’s the average sales price of a new home over a used resale home. What would you do with 30% more in revenue?

2. Save Time Selling New Homes: Selling a new home is a lot easier than a used home. Why? Simply because the on-site salesperson takes care of all the details. You could easily sell 5-8 new homes in the same amount of time as it takes to sell 2-3 used homes.  Couple this with the 30% increased revenue for every home you sell, and it is pretty easy to see why you need to be selling new construction homes.

3. Low Stress Negotiations: Now, builders are going to try to maximize their investment like anyone, but unlike some unreasonable sellers I know, the builder isn’t going out of their way to run business off either.

4. Gain More Listings: The more new construction homes you sell, the more building companies take notice, and this can lead to other opportunities like listing referrals!

5. Your Reputation Does Precede You: There are  bragging rights in the new home industry associated with repeat business. If a salesperson makes a few sales with you, the word will get out that you are an active agent in the area. Once that happens, you’ll suddenly find new home salespeople calling you to see how they can get into your good graces.

Program Outline & Objectives

The following is a  comprehensive breakdown of weekly call agenda.


Week 1: Foundation for Success

What Top Producing Agents Do that Average Agents Don’t

We're not holding back in week 1. You're going to learn the secret ingredients that keeps Top Producers ahead of the curve in new home sales. We'll share the mindset, activities, and habits of these successful agents.


Week 2: Market Research

How to Research & Show Builders Home like an Expert

This week is all about giving you the edge when it comes to differentiating yourself from the average agent. We're going to expose the secrets to help you sell new homes effectively and give you the confidence you need to look like an expert.


Week 3: Expert Negotiations

How to Negotiate like a Builder Pro

In week 3 we're going to show you how negotiating a new builder home is much different than a resale. Then we'll give you the top secret strategies you can use to negotiate an incredible deal for your clients.


Week 4: Expecting the Unexpected

How Top Producers Manage Problems

This week is a critical component to any new home transaction. Managing these deals is both an art and science and you need to know some basics of how to handle problems when they show up, so the small issues don't kill the deal.


Week 5: Closing with Referrals

How Top Producers Close New Home Deals & Gain Referrals

Week 5 is where you're going to learn how to make big money. It's not just about selling one deal it's about gaining buyer referrals from your clients and on-site new home builder agents.

Bonus Material

We are adding an exclusive bonus week that focuses on delivering highly effective strategies for new home builder listings.

Bonus Week 6 – Builder Listings
How to Get New Home Builder Listings

You don't want to miss this!! There are 3 things you need in order to gain builder listings. We'll be breaking these things down so your confidence will never fail when you're at a listing presentation with a builder.

Bonus Week 6 – Builder Listings
How to Get New Home Builder Listings
  1. New Home Builder Listing Myths
  2. Using the Builders Language
  3. Think Like a Builder: New Home Builder Needs
  4. How to know if you’re Targeting the Right Builder

About ​Nasyim Segal

With over 15 years of real estate experience selling new construction homes as both a Realtor and an on-site builder sales representative, Nasyim has sold the gambit of production new construction, custom new construction, used homes (resale), condominiums, vacant land. In other words, nearly everything but the farm. She has worked for numerous home builders (both publicly traded and privately-owned companies) and even ran an administrative office for a small luxury custom builder.

Early in her real estate career she transitioned from a resale Realtor to new home sales consultant, and back again. Thankfully, Nasyim had more highs than lows in this business and enjoyed the accolades of being named a Top Producer countless times, and hearing the singing praise of her clients.

Here’s what people are saying...

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Nasyim was awesome! Very Knowledgeable in new home building. Great tips on how to tap into the building market.

Terese Rogers

This is a great program and it offers so much new information. Nasyim makes it so clear and easy to understand – Love this!

Dorothy Mason

Everyone LOVED your program. We wished we had more programs like yours to share with our agents. Thank you!

Yvonne Grayson

Still Not Convinced You Need this Program?

According to Zillow.com the average price of a home in the USA is $226,800 and H.U.D. says average price of a new construction home is $377,200. For many real estate professionals in the market today that could be a difference of $4,500 per transaction.

What would you do with $4,500 more in your pocket?

Now think about how many resale transactions you've completed in the last 12 months times this number. How would this increased revenue impact you now?

In this program I'm pouring out my entire toolbox, everything I've learned in my career about new home sales, to make sure that you never miss out on an opportunity to sell a new home based.

I could charge $15,000 or more for this program and it would be worth every penny, but I don't want money to be a hurdle for you. My goal is to help you succeed. That's why I'm offering this program to you for a fraction of the cost.

– Next Mastermind scheduled January 2020 –

Enter your information below to get on the waiting list. You will be notified by email once the next Mastermind groups are open for enrollment. Sign up today... you don't want to miss this!

Frequently Asked Questions

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I look forward to sharing my program with you...

As a highly successful Realtor once told me, “If you want to grow your business, you have to narrow your focus.” My greatest regret being in this industry is that I did not heed this advice earlier in my career. I don’t want the same regrets for you, so I hope this program helps you shortcut some of the same frustrations.

What I’d like to share with you is why and how new home sales can become a profitable niche for you.