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Whether you’re an executive, entrepreneur, or high potential employee… even the most successful leaders can face the following issues when building organizations and managing teams:

  • Procrastination

  • Lack of Focus

  • Stress and Burnout

  • Trust & Reliability

  • Communication

  • The Bottom Line

Which is why it is critical to develop fully present leaders capable of nurturing their teams. These leaders create a culture of engagement that positively impacts the company’s ability to stay competitive and grow.

Corporate Leadership
Individual Development

Training Events

Ready for a mindset shift from Leader/Manager to Leader/Inspirer?

Our programs teach skills like intelligent communication and brain science to develop engaging leaders.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Integrated Coaching Techniques

  • Improve Your Communication

  • Conflict Resolution Techniques

  • Stress Management Exercises

  • Discover Hidden Blocks

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Leadership Development

As a leader, you’re always supposed to be on your “A” game., but what happen when you feel stressed, burned-out, or unprepared? It’s not uncommon to meet a leader who feels isolated as they struggling with these problems.

We can help you turn it around by utilizing our coaching tools to help you discover solutions to challenging situations.

Our science based training programs will help you…

  • Become an empowered leader, ready to take your career to the next level

  • Get unstuck… regain focus, motivation, and enthusiasm

  • Break free from stress and burnout

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Individual Coaching

Ready to start living your life with focus, clarity, and passion? Learn proven strategies to overcome self limiting beliefs, so you can design a life using an attraction strategy that actually works – and is backed by science.

Key takeaways include:

  • Identify your life objectives

  • Learn highly effective Self Awareness Strategies

  • Eliminate self-limiting beliefs

  • Create an attraction strategy that works

  • Use mindfulness techniques to quiet self-judgement

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What is an OmniCoach?

The word Omni means – all things in every direction. As an OmniCoach we work with every level of leadership from the C-Suite to Senior Executives, High-Potential Leaders, and Individuals.

We specialize in the neuroscience of human performance, because just like an athlete, we know it’s the mindset you have going into the game that often predicts the outcome.

To put it simply, we help people become better. When people become better, the businesses they work for become better and revenue grows.

Are you looking for…

  • Greater focus in order to achieve a challenging, long-term goal?

  • Relief from burnout and stress so you can get back on track?

  • A clear path to take your leadership game to the next level?

  • Considering a significant transition such as deciding on a promotion, a career move, or retirement?

  • Building trust-based communication with your team?

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“After I contacted Nasyim and enrolled in her program, I just found out so much about myself. Her program brought a lot to my awareness, especially in our coaching sessions. Amazingly, I even realized from the mindful body awareness work that I had been holding on to trauma from my past. I can’t say enough about how this program has impacted my life physically and emotionally. I highly recommend her.”

Liana Kaplani | Sr. Procurement Manager

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